Robert B. Spatz

Web Design / Development

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I have spent many years cultivating basic front-end development skills, such as HTML5 and CSS3/Sass, and I am currently learning JavaScript and jQuery as well.


I am currently learning basic Ruby on Rails, as well as basic Python.

Other Skills

I have studied Responsive Web Design theory, Content Strategy for Mobile, as well as User Experience for Mobile Design, and I am continuing to study all of these subjects.

Soft Skills

I have strong oral and written communication and research skills, along with many other skills that any company would find invaluable. Interested in hearing about my other skills? I would be glad to meet and discuss how I could contribute to your company's success.


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Cucina Restaurant Website

This project is a website that showcases "Cucina," a fictional upscale Italian restaurant.

DevCascade Blog

This project is a website that showcases "devCascade," a blog for web developers.

Celiac Disease Helpline Website

This website attempts to assist and educate the newly-diagnosed, while offering support, and enabling them to support each other.

Floral Designs

This project is a website that showcases "Floral Designs," a florist with an award-winning, in-house floral designer.

Photography Gallery Website

This project is a website that showcases the work of up-and-coming photographers.

JavaScript Countdown Timer

This project showcases a JavaScript Timer application exercise I worked through, and how I applied it to a web project.

My Writing

Rather than using placeholder content, I prefer to research subjects and create original content for my web designs. Here are some extended excerpts.

JavaScript Applications

These are small applications that I am creating on my journey to learning JavaScript.

JavaScript Game of Life

The Game of Life is a generative application that starts by setting initial conditions and letting an algorithm take over.