JavaScript Countdown Timer

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This project was inspired by an article from SitePoint entitled "Build a Countdown Timer in Just 18 Lines of JavaScript" by Yaphi Berhanu. Yaphi suggested that there are many benefits from being able to build your own vanilla JavaScript applications from time to time, rather than always having to reach for plugins: For example, better performance from your website, as there won't be any external scripts to load, and an app that is tailor-made to your website, rather than a plug-in that you have to customize.

The entire project can be downloaded from my GitHub page.

1 / Result

Image of a JavaScript Countdown Timer application

See the complete code on CodePen.

This project inspired me to create a webpage mockup similar to sale countdowns that can be found every day on the web. I quickly mocked up a hero section and embedded the timer in it, styling the numbers to match the page design.

2 / Application

JavaScript Timer used in a Web Page